msofficeAt Wellis Technology we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of Microsoft Office site. Most users of MS Office only use it to type a letter or add up some figures in a spreadsheet.

This site is about is the next level and what you can do yourself or with our help to improve productivity and really get your moneys worth out of the product.

We have over 30 years of practical computing experience and having worked with most of the major word processors, spreadsheet and database products for most of that time.

For example many people cannot do mail merge from Word, or analyse data in a Excel. We will show you some simple things that can be done.

Excel is probably one of the most powerful tools you can have and we will show you how to really get your figures moving.

Probably the most unknown or misunderstood power tool in MS Office is Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), this takes you from being a “Power User” to being an “Into Space User”. We will show you some simple examples of its use and how it can make your business processes streamline  to another level.